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Care & Maintenance

Melamine products should be wiped clean with a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Wiping surface with a dry cloth after washing is recommended to prevent streaking and excess water seeping into seams, which could cause water damage to the product. Avoid the use of cleaners containing ammonia, silicone, or bleach.

With all laminate surfaces, you must use a cutting board, chopping block or other protective surface for chopping, slicing, pounding or hammering. Placemats or doilies should be used under heavy, abrasive or ceramic items to prevent scratching and marring of surface. Also, the use of heat resistant pads or trivets to protect the surface from heat producing appliances such as frying pans, bake ware, crock-pots
and electric cooking surfaces, is recommended as it may cause blistering or other damage to your laminate surfaces. Never use steel wool or abrasive pads as they can damage the surface and/or lead to premature wear.

For every day cleaning, simply wipe the surface with a soft, damp non-abrasive cloth and mild detergent or general household cleanser, then rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry. DO NOT use cleaners or compounds containing strong acids or strong bases on laminate surfaces. They may mar, etch, corrode and/or permanently discolor or damage laminate.

Some staining agents and liquids can leave stubborn stains on laminate surfaces. If the stain is not removable with mild household cleansers, try applying a paste of baking soda and water on the area and let it sit for a few minutes to pull out the stain. This paste is slightly abrasive so do not rub. Wipe up paste with a clean, dry cloth and rinse with clear water. For deep penetrated stains consult specific laminate surface manufacturer web page for product specific care.

Cleaning of wood products should be done with a clean, damp cloth and dried
immediately with a dry, soft cloth. Avoid excess moisture contact with wood by doing small areas at a time. Doors may require a light coat of liquid or furniture paste wax. Do not us detergents, strong soaps, abrasives, self-polishing waxes or products containing silicon. They may damage the finish on your wood cabinets. Wood expands and contracts w/ humidity changes. Ideal humidity levels are between 40-50%, which should be maintained to keep your wood cabinets looking good for years to come.

Although solid surface is extremely durable and easy to maintain, it is not indestructible. Attention to product precautions and recommendations will help ensure their lasting value.

While minor cuts and scratches can be repaired, always use a cutting board, chopping block or other protective surface for chopping or slicing. Also, the use of heat resistant pads or trivets to protect the surface from heat producing appliances such as frying pans, bake ware, crock-pots and electric cooking surfaces, is recommended.

Solid Surfaces may be cleaned with warm water and mild non-abrasive soaps and household cleaners. Products containing bleach should not be used as large quantities and extended periods of exposure to this type of cleaning agent can cause discoloration. Abrasive cleansers should not be used on solid surface except for removing tough stains, minor scratches and burns.

If a stain develops on the surface, wipe it away with soap and water or glass cleaner. If the stain does not respond to soap and water, and your solid surface has a matte finish (non-gloss), apply an abrasive cleanser and buff with a green Scotch-Brite pad using circular motions. The same technique can be used for cigarette burns, minor cuts and scratches. If you have a gloss finish, the surface manufacturer and/or dealer should be consulted.

Harsh chemicals may be harmful to your solid surface and should be wiped off immediately and rinsed with warm water. Some of these chemicals include the

Oven Cleaners
Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Drain Cleaners
Chlorine Bleach
Lime/Scale Removers
Rust & Metal Cleaners
Tub & Tile Cleaners
Coffee Cleaners

Glass inserts in cabinet doors or on other wood surfaces can be cleaned using window cleanser and a soft cloth. Spray the window cleaner on to a soft, clean cloth and wipe your glass inserts. Never spray directly onto the door because over spray of the window cleaner may damage the finish on wood surfaces. If you do get some cleaner on the wood surface, wipe immediately with a damp cloth followed by drying with a soft,
clean cloth.

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